The main 2M Offshore activity is to produce tailored-made coveralls. It means that we can provide the coverall of your “dream” gathering all your needs.
From the hamer pocket, to axilias holes…from reflective taps, to coverall lining… the coveralls your team will wear will be tailored-made. Summer, winter, hot weather, malaria areas… whatever you need!

2Moffshore tailor-made manufacturing
Furthermore, you can add whatever kind of specific treatment on the coverall fabric; and we will provide you with the concerned certificate for your safety and quality department.
We could also arrange quality tests, to approve fire-retardant or pre-schrunk fabric for instance, with companies such as SGS.
Our production plant can deliver your order in less time than you will have to make your decision!
This is the power of 2M Offshore.

On demand coverall manufaturing

Actually, we work closely with major raw material producer. And if you need a specific impregnated fabric with anti-insect (Malaria protection), we will work on it!
Fire-retardant fabric responding to European standard (FR EN531,A,B,C…) … anti-insect impregnated fabric for Malaria affected area (10 washing certificate…), anti-static…
We can manufacture products with famous fabric (Nomex®, Kermel®…) or equivalent fabrics meeting the same standards.
Each carelabel for each technical workwear will have the mention of the treatment required.

To bring you high standards in safety is our work